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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use custom images for the buttons?

There is no functionality built in to the plugin to use custom buttons. However, you can upload your own buttons image and edit the CSS via the settings page to use your buttons image instead. Or just replace the included buttons image(s) with your own one(s) of the same size.

Is it possible to add the buttons manually to a template file?

Yes, in the plugin settings you need to check the option for ‘manual location’. Then in your template file you need to add:

<?php echo apply_filters('xsss_buttons', 'content to add buttons before or after'); ?>

This will then add the social sharing buttons before or after (depending on your settings) whatever the content is you pass as the second parameter. You can just pass a blank string '' as the second parameter if you want.

Note that the global $post object must be available for the plugin to be able to get the post permalink, title, and excerpt, which it needs in order to create the buttons. The $post object will be available in most cases, so there’s nothing special you need to do unless you’re trying to add the buttons for items that are not stored as posts.

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