Simple Social Sharing WordPress Plugin



  • Added VKontakte
  • G+ logo updated to current version
  • SVG and SVGZ image format options added
  • PNG8 images no longer feature transparency but have a white background (G+ logo now incorporates a drop shadow, which causes issues for PNG8 transparency)


  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs


  • Internationalized so it can be translated (though no translations included)
  • On fresh install attempt to detect if the jquery or plain javascript should be used
  • Allow applying to filter other than the_content
  • Removed separate images option
  • Removed all CSS options and allow editing CSS instead (with presets of the different previous options)
  • Delicious and Reddit added
  • On a multisite installation, if the plugin is network activated, it will now automatically activate itself for any new blogs added


  • Plain javascript (no jquery) wasn’t working, now fixed
  • Deleting plugin through wordpress interface didn’t work properly, now fixed


  • Fixed a bug


  • Initial version
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