Currency Conversion WordPress Plugin



  • Fixed bug in AJAX add-on where numerical and hex entity symbol format codes were replaced by the symbol and amount.
  • WooCommerce add-on introduced.


  • Ajax add-on updated so that static rates now working for pages that contain multiple posts with different static rates for each post.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Now requires PHP 5.4.


  • Added GeoIP lookup support for IP2Location tags, variables, country-blocker, and redirection plugins.
  • Improved GeoIP lookup support for IP2Nation table.
  • Added GeoIP lookup support for Maxmind GeoLite City db used by GeoIP Detection plugin without the GeoIP Detection plugin having to be active.
  • Semi-removed support for GeoIP Detection plugin with AJAX add-on (use the GeoLite City option the GeoIP Detection plugin provides rather than the GeoIP Detection plugin itself).
  • Removed ability to install GeoIP Detection plugin from this plugin’s setting page.
  • Internal changes to how GeoIP method is stored.
  • Button for visual editor (TinyMCE) changed to split version to allow one-click insertion of basic shortcode.
  • Fixed bug where decimal point would be dropped if an amount to be converted contained only one decimal place.
  • Fixed bug in Ajax add-on where amounts with multiple thousand separators weren’t being converted correctly.


  • Fixed bug where ‘Invalid headers’ message was displayed when activating the plugin as part of the WP plugin install process.
  • Method used to display shortcode options in TinyMCE Visual editor changed.


  • Fixed bug with AJAX add-on where single digit amounts weren’t being converted.
  • Fixed bug with AJAX add-on where it would request currency information even when it didn’t find any amounts to be converted.
  • AJAX add-on modified for better compatibility with older PHP versions.
  • localCurrency shortcode handler add-on added.


  • Old GeoIP plugin support removed.
  • Built-in support for W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache removed – use separate plugins or Ajax add-on instead.
  • Ajax add-on added.
  • Some other internal changes (not affecting functionality).


  • Experimental support for W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache page caching plugins added.


  • Previously the update rates cron wasn’t being actually being re-scheduled if you changed the update frequency.
  • Network settings page added that allows multisite admin to change the settings for all blogs on that site or use a single set of settings for all blogs on that site.
  • Version number updated (it wasn’t actually updated in the past few releases).
  • Fixed an issue with text in the shortcode helpers that could be caused by a conflict with the GeoText plugin.


  • Fixed undefined index notice when no geo detection method had been chosen.
  • Previously if you had a geoIP detection plugin installed but not activated, the plugin would encourage you to install a geoIP detection plugin. Now it will detect already installed geoIP plugins and encourage you to activate them instead.


  • Modified the way any errors are displayed when using the quicktags or tinyMCE shortcode buttons.
  • Cleaned up global PHP function that was used for loading the tinyMCE / Quicktags buttons.
  • choose-country-widget country list changed to alphabetical order by country name (was by country code).
  • choose-country-widget country list now translatable.
  • Support for v2 of the geoip-detect plugin added.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the geoip-detect plugin being activated when trying to install it from the plugin settings.


  • Fixed bug when using the Quicktag to insert the shortcode, the editor toolbar would appear overlapping the shortcode pop-up settings.
  • Yahoo Finance is still used for obtaining the conversion rates, but a different method of retrieving them is now used. (The old method gave exchange rates of 0 for a couple of very low value currencies).
  • Country and Currency details updated.
  • Previously, when a country was not specified, the currency would be formatted using a comma (,) as the thousands separator, and dot (.) as the decimal point separator. Now when a country is not specified the plugin will format the currency based on a default country for that currency. E.g. EUR is formatted as if the country chosen was DE, USD is formatted as if the country chosen was US. If a country is chosen (e.g. auto detected by using the GeoIP functionality), then the currency will be formatted per the format that country uses (as in the previous version).
  • Add-on widget to allow users to manually choose their country added.
  • Fixed bug with space separators in converted amounts not displaying.


  • Fixed bug where amounts containing a single thousands separator weren’t converted properly.


  • Filter hook ‘xcc_currencyTo’ added when processing a shortcode so that you can override the currency to convert to.
  • Ability to use add-ons added.
  • Add-on widget to allow users to manually choose their local currency added.
  • Fixed problem where the button to add the shortcode wasn’t showing up in the TinyMCE editor with wordpress 3.9.1.
  • Fixed problem where the quicktags button to add the shortcode in the editor wasn’t working due to missing jQuery UI dialog script.


  • No changes to the functionality, just changes to the plugin code.
  • Modified mce popup and quicktags dialog to use wp_ajax to load the shortcode settings dialog.
  • Modified method of loading MCE / quicktags extension to use current_screen for checking if it should be loaded, rather than URL sniffing.
  • A few strings weren’t previously being run through the internationalization function.


  • Initial version.
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