CEP, Extendscript, and XMP API – notes so far

Lately I’ve been working on getting a CEP panel working for reading and writing metadata to / from images in Adobe Bridge. Many years ago I did create a File Info panel using the File Info SDK with MXML and ActionScript3, but Adobe dropped compatibility with File Info Panels created that way quite a while back.

Although Adobe do still offer a File Info SDK, it seems the current recommended way to do most things in this sort of vein is with CEP. So I thought I better try creating my panel using CEP, thinking that the File Info panel may be retired soon while CEP will hopefully have a longer life.

I haven’t found it very easy, so I thought I would share some of the stuff I’ve had to work out so far. No doubt I will be posting at least one more of these as I discover more issues. The points below relate to CEP, the ExtendScript portion of CEP, and the XMP API for ExtendScript.

CEP, Extendscript, and XMP API - notes so far

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